Dan F. Stowers, Architect, P.A. has over 35  years experience in
providing Arkansas clients with the following services:  

Planning and Designing - In the planning of any project, this firm knows each
program requires special criteria:

  • Public and private comprehensive planning in all areas associated with concept
          and master land use development.
  • Data collection.
  • Site visitation.

Analytical Reports and Feasibility Studies - Such studies may include, but are
not limited to:  

  • Analysis of handicapped accessibility to and from the site.
  • Analysis of street and pedestrian traffic flow.
  • Study of zoning and land use.
  • Establishing solutions as may be created by budget restraints.
  • Prioritizing immediate construction versus future construction based on the need and
    established budget restraints.
  • Investigate necessity for sensitive material, such as asbestos, mold and lead-based paint.  

Master Planning -  Our firm has developed an expertise in managing complex
planning and architectural/engineering design projects that involve multi-disciplinary
participation in a comprehensive and complex assignment.  The staff is skilled in:

  • Design development
  • Construction management
  • Report writing
  • Packaging of findings and conclusions in a coherent format and presentation of material
          with alternate strategies as needed for decision making.  

Schematic Design - Our firm will prepare several alternative conceptual approaches
for presentation and discussion based primarily on the needs of the clients as
represented in the program.    Providing the client with satisfaction in terms of design
in this most critical phase is our utmost priority because this is when all the building
components are developed to create a whole.  We will work extensively with the Owner
in developing a solution that exemplifies the needs in terms of:  

  • Function.
  • Circulation.
  • Electrical and mechanical systems.
  • Site work including but not limited to parking, drainage, landscaping, and budget requirements.  
  • A preliminary budget will be presented at the time of the program.
  • A preliminary design review and a final cost estimate will be prepared before bidding.  

Bids - We will be happy to assist the Owner in the bidding process including:    

  • Preparing the bid documents.
  • Advertising for bids.
  • Evaluating the bids and assisting in the negotiations with the apparent low bidder.  

Construction Administration & Documentation - As a definite benefit to the Owner,
Dan Stowers has experience as Construction Manager, enabling easier communication
with the General Contractor.  Good communication between the Owner, Contractor
and the Architect is essential for all phases of construction and resolving any issues
that may arise.  Construction administration includes:  

  • Review and approval of shop drawings and material samples.
  • Site visits at regular intervals.
  • Submittal of field reports on the work that has been done since the last inspection,
          and the quality of workmanship to date.
  • Preparation of change orders after review to determine if they are accurately priced and that
    changes in the general contract are within the overall project amount.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on the critical path of construction so that progress can be
    followed, reviewed and commented on all test date and commented on corrections of
          problems outlined in previous reports.
  • A monthly review of the Contractor’s certificate for payment and visit to the site to evaluate the

Final Review  -  Our firm does the preparation of close-out documents, the final
punch list, and approval for final payment.  The evaluation of the pay request includes:

  • The pay request accurately reflects the work in place.
  • The quality of work is comparable to general acceptable quality standards in the industry.
  • The work done is substantially in accordance with approved plans and specifications.
  • The project is on schedule, that it has been completed within the approved construction contract
  • Those sufficient construction funds remain to complete the project in accordance with
           the contract that lien waivers match the work in place.
  • That guarantees and warranties are provided.

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